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Rewards Debit Card

Get cash back and valuable rewards.


Get Cash Back and Valuable Rewards with your Visa® Debit Card

MY RVCU REWARDS is included with our checking account at no cost. 

Point Earnings:
You earn 1 point for every $3.00 spent when you make purchases using your VISA consumer debit cards.

Point Expiration:
Your points are good for 36 months. If your points are not used within this time they will expire.

Maximum Points Allowed:
There are no maximum point accumulations on your program

Awards Catalogue Includes:

Gift Certificates 
Car Rentals, Gas and Grocery, Restaurants, Entertainment, Hotel, Retail Stores, and Special Experiences


Cruise and Travel Rebates

Cash Award

Access MY RVCU REWARDS through Online Banking

Debit Card Activation

(800) 290-7893 | (206) 624-7998 For outside the U.S. 

After Hours Lost/Stolen - (888) 297-3416 | (206) 389-5200 For outside the U.S.

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