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5 Tips for Vacationing on a Budget

Summer, summer, summertime! Will Smith’s song is still synonymous with the joy of the beginning of summer fun and adventures. For many families, planning a vacation takes months of saving money, accruing paid time off, and searching for the best travel deals.

Want to plan a summer getaway but not sure where to start? Don’t worry! Rock Valley Credit Union’s got you covered with tips and tricks for planning memorable summer vacations that won’t break the bank.

On Weekdays We Vacation

Who said weekdays can’t be fun? From theme parks, events, and concerts to booking flights and other travel accommodations, your wallet will thank you when you opt for a Monday through Friday experience. We’re talking savings of up to 200%! Plus – did someone say shorter wait times and less crowds?

Explore Local!

When inflation skyrockets the price of air fare, gas, food, and just about everything else… planning a staycation just might be the ticket!

At RVCU, we take pride in our community and love to support local businesses. In Rockford, you can have amazing experiences right in your own backyard. Head over to and check out all the unique experiences, restaurants, and fun-filled attractions that the 815 has to offer.

“Remember that time when...”

Souvenirs come and go, but memories last a lifetime. Although trinkets, t-shirts, and other gift shop items are fun keepsakes, they can quickly put a dent in your wallet. Building core memories while spending quality time together is what truly matters! Whether you’re building sandcastles on the beach or camping in your own backyard, the memories will last forever.

Save it for a Sunny Day

Have a dream getaway in mind? The best way to turn your vision board into reality is planning! We recommend opening a savings account and setting up a regular direct deposit. Consistently saving will help your vacation fund grow while you explore places to stay, sights to see, and keep an eye on airline prices.

Pack Your Bags

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • RVCU Rock Rewards Debit Card

Keep your vacay expenses in check while earning rewards! Making purchases with your debit card allows you to track your spending in real time – know what funds you have available from anywhere!

With RVCU’s Rock Rewards Debit Card you’ll earn points with every purchase you make! Rewards points can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, travel discounts and more.

Bonus! Access your cash from anywhere! With RVCU you’ll have access to more than 80,000 convenient surcharge fee-free ATMs. Avoid those annoying ATM fees and make the switch today.

Ready to plan your dream getaway? We’re here for it!

Whether you’re exploring regionally, nationally, or even internationally, RVCU’s Certified Financial Coaches can create a personalized financial plan for all your travel goals.

Get started today by sending us a message using our chat feature, completing our online form, or giving us a call at (815) 292-0300.