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DoubleCheck coming July 2024!


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Meet DoubleCheck!

This new service notifies you when you don’t have enough available funds in your checking account so you can act fast and pay what’s most important to you. Through DoubleCheck you can ensure transactions like rent or utilities get paid, without damage to your reputation and credit rating.

DoubleCheck also offers alternative payment options to add funds to your account after the fact, adjust how your overdraft privilege was applied, or use a credit card to cover expenses.


Why Use DoubleCheck?

RVCU Credit Card Benefits


Here's how it works:

  1. Get a text/email from RVCU

When you don’t have enough available funds in your checking account, you’ll get a text or email while there’s still time to act.

  1. Login into Digital Banking

On the RVCU mobile app or online banking. Click on the bottom right arrows to expand the menu, then click on More Services and select DoubleCheck.

  1. Decide what gets paid and how

Follow the instructions to decide which transactions get paid and how to pay for the potential non-sufficient fee (NSF), including agreeing to the daily DoubleCheck service charge per account. During the introductory period, the fee to use DoubleCheck is waived. It does not cost anything to log in and view your transactions. The service charge will be applied only after you elect to make changes.

DoubleCheck Video Library

DoubleCheck Confirm and Submit Payment


DoubleCheck Decision Tree


DoubleCheck How to Make a Payment


DoubleCheck Landing Page

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