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Holiday Shopping Hacks

People are decking the halls, making their lists and checking them twice, and preparing to ring in the holidays with friends and family! All of this also means the shopping season is here, which can have major impacts on our wallets and our local economy. Before you head out to the stores or log on to shop, ask yourself these questions and consider our holiday shopping hacks:

Q: What's one thing I can do while out shopping that does good and feels good?

A: Shopping local is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your friends, family, neighbors and community this holiday season.

Q: How does shopping local help our local economy?

A: Shopping local strengthens our economy by keeping more money here. That money is then reinvested into more jobs, community benefits, schools, and roads. Locally owned businesses are owned by folks who live here and are investing in the future of our community. 

Q: OK, but you said shopping local can also make me feel good. How so?

A: Local business owners often take their time getting to know their customers, and they often remember you and your name. That’s amazing! And there’s more: The product or service you are purchasing when you shop local means you are supporting a community member’s dream. That’s even more amazing!

Q: Ok, Ok, Ok. That's fine and all. But how can I save money?

A: Shopping local is still a great way to help you save money! Really take the time to think about what gift you’re buying and the local shop that can fulfill your needs. When your intentional in your purchases (and where you’re going to shop) you’re less likely to impulse buy. This also will help put you in a better position to think about if that gift is going to provide happiness beyond a few minutes and give a deeper meaning to that person. Often gifts that mean more cost less.

Q: I'm an online shopper, though. When is that cool?

A: It never fails that you may walk into your favorite store and think, “Ok, I am going to only get eggs and milk,” and then blink, the cashier says you owe $180. Shopping online keeps temptations away and offers the convenience of free pick up or free shipping. Shopping online is a great way to stay focused. And remember, so many local shops now have websites too! Bonus tip – add your items to your cart and wait. Oftentimes, retailers will send you an email reminder to complete your purchase and give you a discount or free shipping. 

Q: I like these tips and I'll use them. But money is REALLY tight. What should I do?

A: Well, speaking of gifts from the heart, try to make your own gifts. Cookies, T-shirts, candles and more can be easy on the wallet and meaningful at the same time. 

We also highly recommend setting a budget. You are less likely to overspend if you set one. And if you want to get ahead for next year, open up a savings account specifically for the holidays and schedule regular deposits to help you during the 2022 holiday hustle. 

Want to get that jump start? Open a savings account with RVCU by applying online today. For more information, you can reach out to our Member Contact Center using our chat feature during regular business hours, complete our online form or call (815) 282-0300.