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Smart back to school shopping tips from the RVCU Parents


A fresh haircut, check.

New outfits, check. 

Going over your budget this back-to-school season, nope! 


When it comes to back-to-school shopping, no one does it better than the parents at Rock Valley Credit Union (RVCU). We asked our own RVCU parents to share their best money-saving tips that will let Junior rule the school and leave your wallet happy.


Your homework: Check for supplies at home

Chances are that you already have plenty of supplies at home. You will likely find extra folders or glue sticks tucked away. Tracey Koppen-Davis, Accounting Specialist, says, “Start your back-to-school list at home. You will be amazed at how many items you can check off the list simply by looking in closets. It is also ok to reuse items from the previous school year if they are in good condition. Scissors, crayon boxes, and pencil holders don’t need to be replaced every year.”


Research 101

A little research can go a long way. Tory Butler, Member Experience Manager says, “Some stores have $1 folders or paper, while others are offering the same brand for less than $1 or even two for $1. In these situations where your child may only need one or two of something, it doesn’t hurt to buy extra.” Take Kleenex for example. If your child needs two boxes, but it comes in packs of three, buy the pack- and keep one at home. Winter is around the corner!

Also, when bulk buys are possible, you can easily stock up on next year’s necessities at a fraction of the cost. Online options like Amazon have selections for school supplies at the fraction of the cost (not to mention the convenience of delivery).


Shop Early Now, Rule the School Later

Nothing makes your heart race faster than shopping the last week before school starts and seeing empty shelves. Mom and Dad, do yourself a favor and start early! Buy something each time you go to the store. Butler shares, “It splits the initial sticker shock between each shopping trip. Meaning $100 for supplies from 1 paycheck a week before school may be a lot for some, but $25 on supplies each week the month before is a little more manageable."


One last item to add on your list… Join the Wags Kids Savings Club

While you’re busy getting your scholars ready for the new school year, let RVCU get them ready for their financial future. We couldn’t resist mentioning our Wags Kids Savings Club because setting little ones up for a successful financial future is a big deal. With the Wags Club, savings is fun! There are never any fees, and with each quarterly deposit of at least $1, kids are entered to win a $500 cash prize. That could buy a lot of glue sticks or cover the costs for college textbooks!


Joining the Wags Kids Savings Club is easy. Take this important step for your child’s future financial wellbeing.