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Five Tips for Saving on Home Energy Costs During Inflation


Father Winter is right around the corner and for many, this means spending more time in our homes. This can be an especially dreaded time of the year due to high home energy bills and with recent inflation, you may be even more anxious about what the next months will do to your budget.

RVCU is looking out for you, and we have  five super simple tips to help you and your wallet this season:

Tip #1: Look at ways you can lower your energy bill.

Take notes about your routine:

  • Count how many loads of laundry you run in a week.

  • Take notice if you leave the water running while you brush your teeth.

  • Check if you unplug appliances after you are done using them.

Noticing your habits can help you figure out which ones are wasteful, and from there you can set achievable goals to help limit your energy usage. Limiting your usage in turn means saving money.


Tip #2: Invest in smart solutions.


Alexa – lower my energy bill! Consider installing smart plugs or opting for more efficient electronics. Upgrading technology can allow you to control your power usage from a mobile app and even turn off outlets while you are out of the home. The initial cost will be offset by monthly savings over the long term. If you have concerns over certain areas of your budget, consider talking with a financial counselor from our partners at GreenPath to help you make better informed decisions.


Tip #3: Look for any air leaks in the attic, around windows or vents.

Yikes! A typical family spends about $350 of its annual heating and cooling budget on
air that leaks in or out of the house through gaps and cracks. In fact, if you added up all the leaks, holes, and gaps in an average home, it would be the same as leaving one window wide open every day. This is money quite literally going out the window!

Here are some ways to fix these issues:

  • Have old windows? Add new weatherstripping or caulk any gaps to help tightening them up.

  • Have an attic? Seal any gaps to keep hot or cold outside air from getting into your home.

Tip #4: Try to keep your interior doors closed. 


Keeping your interior doors closed has two big benefits: it helps keep drafts under control and it keeps in the heat. That means if you have the heating on in your living room, that heat won’t escape, and you will be spending less money overall.


Tip #5: Fluorescent bulbs for the win! Here’s why!

If you leave fluorescent bulbs on for extended periods of time, the energy used is significantly lower than incandescent. Fluorescent bulbs also emit light outward instead of downward, which reduces energy and light waste.


Need more help navigating inflation? We’re totally here for it! Check out another one of our blogs for tips to better manage your hard-earned cash during rising interest rates. If you need additional help, connect with one of our certified financial coaches by sending us a message in our chat feature during regular business hours, completing our online form or calling us at (815) 282-0300.