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What's the Difference Between a Credit Union and a Bank? You Belong in a Credit Union!

A former bank employee reflects on her experience working at a credit union


How do you know you're in the right place in life? The answers are simple:

  • You feel cared for.
  • You feel supported. 
  • You're around good people. 
  • You're educating yourself and striving to always do better.
  • You're reaching your goals. 

To us, that sounds like a Rock Valley Credit Union member. 

At RVCU, we’re not just a bank. Actually, we’re banking but better. To back this up with data, we’ve turned to one of our most-recent hires, Member Services Representative Rachel. After working at a bank for several years, she joined our team in June. Check out how her experience has been different with RVCU!


With your previous experience working at a bank, what are the biggest differences of banking at a bank and banking at a credit union?

Rachel: I love that Rock Valley cares about its members as a whole no matter what phase of life they are currently experiencing. We can help from savings accounts to car loans.

RVCU: She's right - we totally can! Nothing is more rewarding to us than helping a member prepare and problem solve to help make their dreams come true!


What do you love most about the credit union difference?

Rachel: I was a member of Rock Valley Credit Union for two years prior to becoming an employee! Having the perspective of being on each side also allows me the firsthand experience of knowing how consistent and dedicated RVCU is to the member experience. The care, communication and personal touch is real!

RVCU: We’re not setting her up for these stellar answers! We live and breathe the credit union difference to help ensure positive member experiences. Our credit union difference can be summed up through coaching, personal connection, community-driven focus, and careful consideration for our members’ needs.


Why would you encourage someone to make the switch to banking at a credit union?

Rachel: If someone is looking to be cared for and not just an account number, a credit union is the way to go!

RVCU: Hey there! It’s us again! At RVCU, we’re truly member-oriented and member-run. That’s what makes us unique. Credit unions work to encourage and help members save money, as well as offer flexible, low-interest loans to its members. RVCU can charge lower rates for loans – like car loans and mortgages – as well as pay higher dividends on savings because we are a nonprofit cooperative. Rather than pay profits to stockholders, credit unions return earnings to members through dividends or improved services.


In one word, how would you describe banking at a credit union? 

Rachel: Fantastic! 

RVCU: Yeah, what she said!


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