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Flex Financing

Like a lease, but better!


flex financing



Here for cruising with your bestie.

Cruise into low monthly car payments without restrictions or hidden costs. RVCU’s Flex Financing program for auto loans gives you the best of both worlds with payments that are considerably lower than conventional financing, but with all the flexibility that comes with owning your car!




Flex Financing Benefits

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How it Works

  • Find an eligible vehicle you love
  • Select an annual mileage allowance (7,500, 10,000, 12,000, 15,000 18,000 miles)
  • Determine your financing terms (between 24-72 months)
  • A residual value will be determined based on the term of the loan and mileage selected
  • The difference between what you pay for the vehicle and the residual value will determine the principal portion of your payment – resulting in a lower monthly payment
  • At any time during your loan term you can sell the vehicle and pay off the loan balance, trade-in the vehicle, or choose to keep the vehicle and refinance the loan balance (including the residual value) as a used vehicle loan
  • At loan maturity, you can return the vehicle and “walk away” from the residual value

Ready to drive the car of your dreams with a low monthly car payment that fits your budget?


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