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Personal Loans

Money for whatever you need, when you need it. 









Flexible loans - for life's next adventure. 


Stop dreaming and start traveling! Add Rock Valley Credit Union to your packing list, because with our flexible terms and great interest rates, you can totally go on that dream vacation.

Not quite ready for that beach getaway because you have accumulated high-interest credit card debt or you’re dealing with an unexpected medical expense? Getting the money for whatever you need, when you need it, is quick and easy with local and trusted financing from Rock Valley Credit Union!








Share Secured Loans

This is the perfect choice for individuals trying to re-establish credit or for borrowers trying to establish credit for the first time. Use your savings account or share certificate as collateral for your loan.

Personal Loans

Consolidating debt? Family vacation? Choose a personal loan from Rock Valley Credit Union and you can get approved without collateral—because your approval and interest rate are determined by your personal credit history. And it doesn’t matter whether you are using the loan for a large purchase, debt consolidation or for some other reason.

With us, you can borrow the amount you need at a low interest rate - and you can choose how long you need to pay it back. With our flexible terms, it's all up to you. 

Overdraft Protection Loans

This line of credit is available with our checking accounts to provide that little extra cushion for unexpected overdrafts. Monthly payments are low, so it won't break your budget.





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We're totally here for it! For more information or to find out how we can help you, call our Member Contact Center at 815-282-0300.




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