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CUNA National Youth Savings Month

Start your children on the right path to financial success



CUNA National Youth Savings Month



Be a Credit Union saver and your savings will never go extinct!

Every April, The Credit Union National Association (better known as CUNA) puts together a theme for National Credit Union Youth Month, with hopes to encourage kids to develop healthy saving habits by making savings fun and exciting!

We invite you to come check out our Loves Park branch this April for a T-reffic surprise... but it doesn't stop there! We are also holding a coloring contest for all of our mini-members to participate in and win an awesome prize. These memories will never go extinct. 

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Dinomite Tips to Teach your Hatchlings




Explaining money to children does not have to leave you feeling like a nervous rex. For younger children you can illustrate the concept of budgeting by using three clear jars that represent current expenses, short-term savings, and long-term savings. Separating cash into jars makes it easy to compare the results of spending and saving. 



Games are T-Reffic! One of the best ways to teach a lesson is by doing so without kids even realizing they are learning. Play games that include a financial component like Monopoly or Life and help kids strategize during the game. This will help them learn the importance of budgeting and planning for the future, all under the guise of play. 



We can’t have everything we want – ask a dinosaur – they didn’t ask to be extinct! Ask your child to list 10 things they want. Then have them rank them from most important to least important. Once the list is created, strategize with your child about how they can achieve their wishes


Sharpen your tools - the competition has begun!

Calling all hatchlings: show us your dinomite coloring skills for a chance to win a prize!

Here's how to enter:

  1. Download the appropriate coloring sheet below
  2. Turn your sheet into a work of art
  3. Once you are finished, submit it to or bring it in to our Loves Park or Rochelle branch to enter. Please be sure to provide contact information so we can contact you if you're a lucky winner!

Download here:

Ages 1-6 Ages 7-12



Have any questions?

We've got answers! Call our Member Contact Center at (815) 282-0300 or send us a message via chat during regular business hours. 



CUNA Youth Month