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Extending a Helping Hand to Members


Skip A Payment Request Form

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In these uncertain times, Rock Valley CU is here to help our members.  We are offering members an opportunity to SKIP-A-PAYMENT on your consumer loan

Skipping your March or April 2020 payment is so easy!

To qualify your loan must be current and in good standing.  Requests must be made before the due date for the loan payment to be skipped and a Fee of $10 per loan is required.  (See Disclosure)

Yes!! I want to SKIP-A-PAYMENT

Skip Payment:
Payment Option:
$10 Per Loan Skipped:
* if funds are not available payment will not be skipped
I understand by advancing the due date on my consumer loan this extends the original term of my loan by one month.
Disclosure: Valid on consumer loans only (no mortgage loans or lines of credit). All requests are subject to approval. Your next payment will take all interest due the month you skip and current month. If your next payment is insufficient to pay the accrued finance charges, the unpaid portion continues to accrue until paid from the subsequent payments. If you have your loan payment set up for automatic payment, you must notify the financial institution to not take/submit payment for the month you are skipping.
Should your request not be approved, you will be notified and no fee will be taken
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Skip A Pay March/April