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The power to protect and manage your cards is in your hands.


SecurLOCK Communicate protects cardholders by immediately alerting them of potential fraud on their card through real-time engagement.

What is it?

Effective and elegant fraud engagement when and how your consumers desire it!  Communicate uses SMS/Voice/Email fraud alert functions to stop fraud through real-time consumer engagement.

What does it do?

Real-time interactive SMS text, FIS absorbs the cost of data and message rates for domestic AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile customers to make texts free to the end user.

  • Two way voice calls
  • Enhanced phone number authentication to prevent call spoofing for inbound calls
  • Interactive email notifications

What are the benefits?

Stop fraud through real-time card engagement.

Why does Communicate matter?

88% of fraud victims across the market do not receive real-time fraud alerts which would assist with early fraud identification and prevention, despite 85% of the world owning mobile devices.

SecurLOCK Communicate addresses this urgent market need by alerting cardholders quickly and in the manner they prefer to be contacted.  Typical time of engagement after trigger transactions is less than 30 seconds.


How do I enroll?
We have already included you in these enhanced services as part of our fraud protection services.

What triggers these alerts?
Transactions that have been identified as potential fraud trigger the alerts.

If I receive an alert, does that automatically block my account from further purchases?
The majority of suspected fraud accounts will be blocked, just as they are today.  However, some lower risk items may not be declined.

If I respond back that the transaction(s) are valid, will you automatically unblock my account?
Yes, though please keep in mind that it could take 5-10 minutes for a block to be removed in some situations.

If a transaction is declined due to suspected fraud, but I validate that I did make the purchase, can I try to complete the purchase again?
Once the alert is updated in our fraud system, you can attempt the transaction again, usually within 5-10 minutes of the initial call/text/e-mail to validate activity.

Can I opt-out of SecurLOCK Communicate?
Yes, members can opt-out of SMS text alerts by texting STOP to a fraud alert SMS text

What transaction types are included?  ATM?  A2A?
All transactions that currently flow through Falcon are included in SecurLOCK Communicate.

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