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As part of your financial plan, you want an investment vehicle that offers a fixed rate for a specific time period so you will always know how much you are earning. You want the piece of mind that a certificate from Rock Valley Credit Union can give you.

Lock in your guaranteed dividend rate with a low minimum deposit and terms from 12 months up to 36 months. Invest $2,500 or more for a fixed term and earn a greater dividend over a set time frame.

Benefits of a certificate from Rock Valley:

  • Variety of terms
  • Low minimum deposit requirements
  • Higher rates than most financial institutions offer
  • Solid returns

Effective Date: July 16, 2019
Minimum Deposit12 Months24 Months36 Months
$2,500.00 1.00% APR 1.25% APR 1.50% APR
$10,000.00 1.25% APR 1.50% APR 1.75% APR
$25,000 & Above 2.00% APR 2.25% APR 2.50% APR

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