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Board of Directors


Rock Valley Credit Union's Board of Directors are member-elected volunteers. All of these men and women are dedicated to ensuring the financial growth and security of the entire membership. Nine people serve on our Board at any given time, each serving a three-year term.

  • David Gill, Chairman (2022)
  • Bob Burden, Vice Chairman (2021)
  • Lynne Kowalczyk, Treasurer (2020)
  • Lori Mitchell, Secretary (2020)
  • Tim Savage, Director (2021)
  • Stuart Meyerson, Director (2021)
  • Tony Cortez, Director (2022)
  • Bob Toews, Director (2020)


Be a Part of Our Board!

Are you interested in being part of your Credit Union's growth? We are looking for volunteers to be a part of our board! 

Board of Directors Responsibilities:

  • Attend and participate in no less than 9 of 12 monthly board meetings, and come prepared having read the board packet, thought of questions, and considered ideas and opportunities. Anticipated absences should be reported to Board Chair or President/CEO. Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at Loves Park at 5:30pm 
  • Attend and participate in special meetings throughout the year, including the credit union’s annual membership meeting and the annual strategic planning meeting.
  • Vote and make recommendations or approvals that are in the best interest of the membership and the credit union.
  • Participate on at least one committee and offer strengths, skills, and passion in that area.
  • Be willing to think outside the box, ask hard questions, challenge the status quo, and take risks while also balancing wisdom and good stewardship.
  • Ensure the credit union leadership is staying true to its mission, strategy, and values and provide accountability for income and expenses.
  • Promote a positive/professional image of RVCU at all times. Advocate for the credit union in your business, clubs, schools, and wider community, working to raise awareness, recruit volunteers, and invite people to join RVCU.
  • Support the organization by being a member in good standing of RVCU. Use and understand credit union products/services to support credit union growth.
  • Complete education courses and participate in learning opportunities, both inside and outside the credit union. Read our newsletters, e-blasts, and other communications to remain connected and aware of what is happening organizationally.
  • Approve interest and/or dividend rates as prescribed by ALCO.
  • Adhere to credit union policies as outlined in the Directors’ Guidelines, including, but not limited to, Ethics, Confidentiality, and Conflict of Interest policies.
  • Respond to e-mails within 24 hours, and sooner, if possible, when a quicker response is required.
  • Evaluate the President/CEO’s performance annually and provide helpful feedback on areas of strengths and opportunities.
  • Assess your own performance annually as a board member to ensure personal commitment and participation.
If interested, please fill out the form below and email Stuart Meyerson at 

Board of Directors Nominee Application

Board of Directors